The Buddhist Moral and Value Education Department has conducted a mindfulness and ‘Zen’ practice for students who participated in the MOI activities. Students are guided to reach their inner peace via the mindfulness practice. They are practicing to feel the spiritual power in emotional control and stress management. Equipping with these skills may help them overcome their difficulties and have a positive impact on health and well-being.

Physical Education Department was glad to invite Hong Kong Cobras, an American Football Team in Hong Kong, to organize an experience day for the junior form students on 20th March 2023.
Apparently, American Football is not a major sport in Hong Kong and it was a good opportunity for students to learn a new skill aside from the PE lessons. Throughout the program, students were not only learning about the skills such as hand-eye coordination, passing accuracy and decision making, but also English since all the coaches are native speakers. In the program, all students performed actively. The coaches have chosen two best performed students to be the MVP and gifted them a team T-shirt as a present. It was a fantastic experience for students to learn about a new sport.

On April 13th, the junior form students participated in the "Lei Yue Mun Cultural Tour". Through visiting several landmarks, including Seafood Street, Wishing Tree, Tin Hau Temple and quarry, students learned about the development history of Lei Yue Mun. They even tried some local specialties. Throughout the activity, not only did the students gain a deeper understanding of their community, but they were also encouraged to have more confidence in speaking English. 

Mathematics MOI Activity Day was held on 28 April in our school covered playground.  30 students from Form 1 to Form 3 became challengers to enjoy a curriculum-aligned game-based activities, i.e. Finding Patterns, Card game ONO 99, Math Puzzle, Tangram and Matchstick Puzzle.  Players, who could find the answers to the riddles or solve the problems, got stamps and candies as rewards.

F.1 students who joined the Business Subject MOI activity played the board game, SUSHI GO PARTY, which was the 2020 Gra Roku Best Party Game Winner. By earning points through picking winning sushi combos, students can learn different vocabulary about food and instructions. Followed by a worksheet about phrases and dialogues commonly used in a restaurant, students are confident to make good use of what they have learned when they dine out in the future.



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