As part of our ongoing series of reading enrichment activities this year, we were thrilled to welcome renowned children's author Jane Huong on March 7th. Ms. Huong, a British author based in Hong Kong, has written several popular books for young readers.
The event kicked off with two of our students captivating the audience by reading aloud from Ms. Huong's enchanting tale, "The Clever Judge." Ms. Huong then delivered a captivating talk, sharing her personal experiences and providing valuable insights into her creative process.
An engaging and interactive question and answer session ensued, with students actively participating and interacting with our esteemed guest. They posed thought-provoking questions about Ms. Huong's story ideas and the inspiration behind her work. Patiently, Ms. Huong addressed each inquiry, allowing students to delve deeper into her book and the art of writing.
The author's visit not only captivated our young readers but also ignited a newfound passion for literature. Students gained a profound appreciation for the imaginative process of storytelling. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Huong for graciously sharing her time and talents with our school community. Events like these exemplify the sheer delight of reading and the pursuit of knowledge.
Photos: Brian Hou



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